Clinical Training

Inpatient Care: The core of the training program is the inpatient service at Seattle Children's Hospital, a quaternary care center with a referral base including five states. The spectrum of disease is broad, ranging from infections in healthy children to those in bone marrow or solid organ transplantation recipients.

Outpatient Care: Fellows participate in the outpatient management of patients in the General Infectious Diseases, HIV/Virology and Immunology Clinics. Fellows evaluate new consults and provide continuity of care for patients discharged from the inpatient services.

Clinical Laboratory Training:Fellows participate in formal laboratory training sessions in the microbiology and virology labs during their first year. This intensive training experience is complemented by regular interaction with the microbiology labs during the inpatient rotations at Seattle Children's Hospital.

Teaching Conferences: Weekly teaching conferences include clinical cases in pediatric infectious diseases (twice monthly), interactive teaching sessions focused on a core clinical topics (twice monthly), all-city infectious diseases clinical case conference (weekly) and Infectious Diseases board review (weekly), journal club (monthly), pediatric infectious disease board review course, and integrated quality improvement/antimicrobial stewardship conferences (monthly).