Endocrinology Fellowship

First Year

The first year is primarily spent on clinical activities with most time spent on specific blocks devoted to either outpatient or inpatient pediatric endocrinology. A continuity outpatient experience is started in the 1st year. During this 1st year, each fellow has protected time to select a primary research mentor and begins a research project with either a clinical or basic science focus. Opportunities for this include research projects at Seattle Children’s Hospital or in the laboratory of an endocrine faculty member at the University of Washington. Fellows will regularly present cases for discussion and present 2 journal clubs.

Second Year

In the second year, fellows continue with clinical work with 3 inpatient blocks of 4 weeks each, but spend the majority of their time in the execution of their scholarly product based on the primary research focus. A higher degree such as one of the Masters programs at The University of Washington is also highly encouraged.

Third Year

In the third year, in addition to 2 blocks of inpatient clinical work, fellows are expected to take a more active role in teaching and supervision of residents and students. During this final year, they complete and write up their research for publication, and are expected to present findings at a major national meeting such as Pediatric Academic Societies, American Diabetes Association or The Endocrine Society.

Sample Schedule - ENDO Fellow Rotations
R4=1st Year R5=2nd Year R6=3rd Year
Block #Dates (Mon-Sun)InpatientOutpatientLight ClinicResearch
17/1 - 7/28R5R4R6, R5
27/29 - 8/25R4R6, R5
38/26 - 9/22R5
R4R6, R5
49/23 - 10/20No FellowR4R6, R5
510/21 - 11/17No fellowR6, R5, R4
611/18 - 12/15R4R6, R5
712/16 - 1/12R5R4R6, R5
81/13 - 2/9R4R6, R5
92/10 - 3/9R6R4R6, R5
103/10 - 4/6R4R6, R5
114/7 - 5/4R6R5, R4
125/5 - 6/1R4R6, R5
136/2 - 6/29R5R4R6, R5
Block #Dates (Mon-Sun)InpatientOutpatientLight ClinicResearch