Emergency Medicine Fellowship
Current Fellows

Abby Schuh, MD

Abby Schuh, MD (2012-2015)

Residency in Pediatrics at the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston

Interests: Quality Improvement

"I was drawn to Seattle Children's due to the truly collaborative nature of the ED environment, where every shift is a chance to work with providers with a wide array of specialties and skill sets. I'm thrilled to train in such a supportive environment!"
Jon Silverman, MD

Jon Silverman, MD (2012-2015)

Interests: Global Health

Residency in Pediatrics at the University of Colorado, Denver

"What is striking about this program is how focused everyone is on improving quality of care. This same attitude carries over to the academic environment, where teaching is prioritized and directed by our feedback. It is a privilege to live and train in such a remarkable place!"
Ryan Kearney, MD

Ryan Kearney, MD (2013-2016)

Residency in Pediatrics at Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York

"Interests-medical education, global health On the interview trail, Seattle Children's stood out as an amazing goldilocks of sorts-approachable, engaged and motivated faculty mentors; a truly team-based clinical experience on a daily basis; numerous opportunities for inter-divisional collaboration; and enough flexibility to allow for MPH coursework completion. Plus, this city has the best summer in North American and the best coffee to get us through the other 9 months!"
Anita Thomas, MD

Anita Thomas, MD (2013-2016)

Residency in Pediatrics at Yale School of Medicine, New Haven

"My clinical experiences in the Seattle Children’s emergency department have been challenging and thought-provoking in a truly receptive learning environment. The faculty have not only been supportive of my research, but also enthusiastic and inspirational. Coming to the west coast to pursue my PEM fellowship here at SCH was one of the wisest training decisions that I have made and I am so thankful to learn from and work with such a great group of providers and patients!"
Julie Augenstein

Julie Augenstein, MD (2014-2017)

Residency in Pediatrics at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center

"It has been a privilege to train at Seattle Children’s. The clinical training is excellent and the PEM fellows are well supported by all levels of faculty. There are so many incredible opportunities for mentorship, career development, and research."
Hiromi Yoshida, MD (2014-2017)

Hiromi Yoshida, MD (2014-2017)

Residency in Pediatrics at University of Washington

"This program offers excellent clinical training as well as diverse research and educational opportunities. The department is constantly working to improve the quality and delivery of care, making it a dynamic place to work."