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Department of Pediatrics Newsletter
January 25, 2012

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Items to be covered in this edition:

  1. Important Dates
  2. Announcements from the Chair's Office
  3. Dr. Fred Rivara Receives National Mentoring Award
  4. Faculty News
  5. Faculty Publications and Presentations


January 26: Celebration of Service for Pat Hagan. 12:00-2:00PM in the Board Room at SCH. Please join us to celebrate President and COO Pat Hagan's 15+ years of service to Seattle Children's. Pat will be leaving Children's on Jan. 31. Questions? Contact

February 9: Dean Ramsey’s Annual Address to the UW Medicine Community. 4:00-5:00PM in Hogness Auditorium, A-420, Health Sciences Building, University of Washington. In his annual address to the UW Medicine Community, Paul Ramsey will describe progress in 2011 and plans for UW Medicine in 2012. All faculty, staff, students, and trainees are invited to attend. A reception will follow in the Health Sciences Lobby. Questions? Contact Julie Monteith (

February 13, 2012: Next Pediatric Faculty Meeting. 5:15-8:00PM in Wright Auditorium at SCH. A social gathering from 5:15-5:45PM; Regular program from 5:45-8:00PM. Questions? Contact Diane Wade ( or 206.987.1713).

School of Medicine Faculty Development Workshops. Half or full day sessions at UW Campus. Enrollment is limited, and registration is required. For registration and more information, visit

  • 2/28/12 & 3/712: Faculty Development Days
  • 3/6/12: The AMIGO3 Model: A Learner-Oriented Teaching Methodology
  • 4/24/12: Audience Response Systems & Digital Professionalism

February 29, 2012: Promotion Preparation Meeting. 7:30-8:30AM in W3747B at SCH. The Department of Pediatrics Promotions Committee requires that faculty members who will be considered in the summer/fall of 2012 for promotion to Associate Professor or Professor attend one of these seminars. If you are being considered in 2011 (to be effective July 1, 2013), you, your Division Head and your Division Head's assistant MUST attend one of these meetings even if you attended one last year (note you do not all need to attend on the same date). New changes this year will make the process easier and more streamlined including an on-line system to request letters of evaluation which will be discussed at these meetings. For more information or to RSVP your attendance at one of these meetings, contact Diane Wade ( or 206.987.1713).

NEW DEADLINE: March 5, 2012: Proposals due for Spring 2012 round of the Royalty Research Fund (RRF). The purpose of the Royalty Research Fund (RRF) is to advance new directions in research. The RRF application instructions, including specific directions for completing the eGC1, are currently available at the Office of Research website. Awards will be announced by June 15, 2012. Questions? Contact the RRF administrative staff: new applicants - Peter Wilsnack ( or 685-9316); existing awardees - Barbara Thompson ( or 616-9089). Questions about SAGE and the eGC1 - SAGE help desk ( or 685-8335).

March 30, 2012: Duncan Seminar. All day in Wright Auditorium at SCH. This one-day conference on the subject "Adulthood Here We Come: Smoothing the Healthcare Transition for Kids with Disabilities" will focus on topics related to the political climate; issues around family and professional "letting go"; getting to self-management; point-counterpoint discussion regarding best practices in both the pediatric and adult care systems, and lessons learned. Questions? Contact or 206.987.5318.

April 13: Fellow and Resident Research Day. 8:00-3:00PM in Soundgarden Conference Room, SCRI Building 1. Oral and poster presentations by fellows and residents, with a keynote presentation by Chris Feudtner, MD, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Attending Physician, Director of Research for the Pediatric Advance Care Team and the Integrated Care Service, and Co-Scientific Director of PolicyLab at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Registration information and questions contact or 206-987-5870


A new UW/Alaska Primary Care Track in the UW Pediatrics Residency Program has been approved and accredited by the ACGME. We are excited for this great opportunity to attract more Pediatricians to work in the underserved rural areas of the Pacific Northwest. Residents can begin this track in June 2012 with 9 blocks at Seattle Children's and then in March 2013 they would go to their sites in Alaska. Residents in this track would spend four, 4-week blocks each year (48 total weeks or one year over the course of three years) in a primary care site in Alaska and nine, 4-week blocks each year (96 total weeks or two years) completing inpatient, ambulatory, and subspecialty rotations at Seattle Children's Hospital. The first residents from this track would graduate in July 2015.

It is our distinct pleasure to announce that Timothy Cox, PhD, was named as the first recipient of the Laurel Foundation Endowed Chair in Craniofacial Research. Tim received this honor in recognition of his leadership in the development of basic and translational research on the causes of craniofacial malformation. He is an active member of our Department and the Division of Craniofacial Medicine and has played a major role in the expansion of our research programs. Please join us in congratulating Tim.


The Academic Pediatric Association announced that Frederick P. Rivara, MD, MPH, Professor of Pediatrics, Vice Chair, and Division Chief of General Pediatrics, is this year's recipient of the Miller/Sarkin Mentoring Award. This prestigious national honor will be presented at the American Pediatric Societies meeting in Boston, Massachusetts on April 30, 2012.


Drs. Mollie Grow, Heather McPhilips, Curt F. Bennett, Lenna Liu, Danette Glassy and Tizzy Bennett, as well as residents Kristin Kan (R2), Faisal Malik (R3), and Sam Wittekind (R2) were awarded the AAP/MetLife Foundation 2011-2013 Healthy Active Living Grant. They will be working on physical activity promotion for 0-5 year olds through continuity clinics and local child care sites.

Adrian Piliponsky, PhD, Center for Immunity and Immunotherapies, was awarded with the Western States Affiliate Beginning Grant-in-Aid from the American Heart Association.

Dennis Lindell, PhD, Center for Immunity and Immunotherapies, received his first R01 grant.

Shaun Jackson, MD, PhD, Center for Immunity and Immunotherapies, competed successfully for an American College of Rheumatology Research and Education Foundation (ACR REF) Rheumatology Scientist Development Award.

Dr. Karen Murray has been nominated and elected to the International Maternal Pediatric Adolescent AIDS Clinical Trials Group (IMPAACT) Hepatitis Scientific Committee.

Anne Stevens, MD, PhD was awarded the Arthritis Foundation Innovative Research Grant for her project "Immune Responses to Oral Pathogens in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis"'. Dr. Stevens will be funded $200,000 through 2014 to test for increased frequency of severe gingivitis in children with JIA; the correlation between proinflammatory costimulatory molecule expression in severe gingivitis vs. JIA; and to restore normal PD1/PD-L1-mediated inhibition on JIA CD4+ T cells by manipulating costimulatory protein activity.

Timothy Cox, PhD, is a co-Investigator with Dr. Ian Glass (PI) on the NICHHD funded grant “Laboratory of Developmental Biology” which will receive $1,802,560 in direct funding from 7/2011 – 12/2016.

Drs. Carrie Heike, Timothy Cox, and Michael Cunningham are co-investigators on an NIH/NIDCR funded supplemental grant with Drs. Linda Shapiro, UW Computer Science and Engineering, and Jim Brinkley. UW Department of Biological Structure, to develop an ontology of human, mouse, and embryonic craniofacial anatomy. This project is part of the FaceBase Consortium and a subproject of Shape-Based Retrieval of 3D Craniofacial Data (Shapiro, PI). 11/2011 – 10/2014 Total direct funds: $1,560,286

Timothy Cox, PhD, is the co-Investigator on the grant “Identification of genes and regulatory elements in familial cleft lip/palate” with Dr. Tony Roscioli (PI) from the University of New South Wales, Australia. Total direct funds are AUD$40,000 for 2012.


Drs. Bruder Stapleton, Mark Lewin, Leslie Walker and 40 of our faculty members: A six volume reference text, entitled Textbook of Clinical Pediatrics, second edition, co-edited by Bruder Stapleton was published by Springer in January 2012. Within the texts, Mark Lewin, MD, served as the Section Editor for Cardiology, Leslie Walker, MD is the Section Editor for Adolescent Medicine, and Dr. Stapleton was the section editor for Nephrology. Our Department faculty were among the 450 contributors to this international text.

Dr. Meta Lee: Hospital-based tobacco interventions in pediatric settings. Lee M, Mih B, Bracamontes J, Rudoy R. Current Pediatric Reviews, 2011; 7:128-136.

Dr. Shilpi Chabra: Concept of gestational age in "completed weeks": Lost in translation. Chabra S. Obstet Gynecol. 2012 Jan;119(1): 183-4.

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Drs. Brent Collett, Carol Heike, Indriyati Atmosukarto (former fellow), Jacqueline Starr, Michael Cunningham, and Matthew Speltz: Longitudinal, three-dimensional analysis of head shape in children with and without deformational plagiocephaly or brachycephaly. Collett BR, Heike CL, Atmosukarto I, Starr JR, Cunningham ML, Speltz ML. J Pediatr. 2011 Nov 12.[Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 22082953.

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Timothy Cox, PhD and Murat Maga, PhD: A landmark-free framework for the detection and description of shape differences in embryos. Rolfe SM, Shapiro LG, Cox TC, Maga AM, Cox LL. 33rd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC '11), August 2011. Online:

Carol Heike, MD:

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