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Department of Pediatrics Newsletter
June 24, 2011

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Items to be covered in this edition:

  1. Important Dates
  2. Faculty & Staff Achievements
  3. New Global Center for Integrated Health of Women, Children, and Adolescents
  4. Faculty Publications and Presentations


July 7: Pizza and a Movie. 6:30-8:30PM in Wright Auditorium. The Division of Adolescent Medicine and host Heather Paves, RD, present “America the Beautiful,” a film by Darryl Roberts. Please RSVP to by July 5.

July 22- 23, 2011: Seventh Annual Pediatric Bioethics Conference. A two-day session at Bell Harbor International Conference Center in Seattle. Through presentations, panel discussions, and breakout sessions, leaders in the field of pediatric bioethics will discuss issues around the theme "Who's Responsible for the Children? Exploring the Boundaries of Clinical Ethics and Public Policy". Register online ( or contact with questions.

July 26: Annual Department of Pediatrics Faculty & Family Picnic. 6:00-8:00PM at Gas Works Park. Entertainment for the entire family, and catering by Smokin’ Pete’s BBQ. Please RSVP with names of attendees to by July 13.

July 28-29: Annual UW Department of Medicine Workshop: Survival Skills for the Research Years. 8:30-4:00PM in Orin Smith Auditorium, South Lake Union, 815 Mercer St. Lunch provided. No tuition fee. Open to any interested fellows and junior faculty from all Departments and Divisions. Topics covered include Grant Writing, Scientific Writing, Oral Presentations, Promotions, Job Negotiations and more. Register online ( or contact with questions.

September 19-23, 2011: Intern Retreat. The retreat has been an integral part of intern education for the past 35 years. The interns spend this week participating in workshops to promote communication skills and professionalism. Your support during this week of education and bonding is greatly appreciated by all of the interns and faculty. Coverage will be needed for Medicine Teams, Emergency Room, Medically Complex Children, Newborn Nursery (UW) and Neonatal Intensive Care (UW). Additional details attached. Questions? Contact


Congratulations to the faculty and graduating residents who were award winners at the Resident Graduation Banquet:

  • Alexa Craig, MD: Fellow Teaching Award
  • Ben Danielson, MD: Stanley Stamm Award
  • Molly Martyn, MD: Family Centered Care Award
  • Suzan Mazor, MD: Faculty Teaching Award
  • Celeste Quitiquit, MD: Resident Teaching Award; Bergman Prize
  • Craig Taplin, MD: Faculty Teaching Award
  • Aaron Wightman, MD: Peer Teaching Award

WWAMI Program Coordinator, Carla Salldin, has been nominated by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau’s Division of Research, Training and Education (DRTE) for membership in the National Strategic Plan for Training Work Group. She will be working to inform development of the 2010-2015/2020 plan goals and objectives in D.C. June 20-21, 2011 and ongoing through December.

Erin Allen, MHA, has been nominated to a two-year term as Program Director-Elect of the Association of Administrators in Academic Pediatrics. Ed Marcuse, MD, MPH, has been appointed to the FDA Advisory Committee on Vaccines and Related Biologic Products.

Murat Maga, PhD, has been awarded an NIH/ NIDCR Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00) for his project “Maternal alcohol exposure: impact on genetic control of craniofacial phenotype.” He will explore the effect of gestational alcohol exposure on the embryonic and post-natal craniofacial development of mice using high-resolution tomographic imaging and three dimensional shape quantification methods.

Daniela Luquetti, MD, PhD, was awarded NIH/ NIDCD Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00) for her project “Phenotypic and Genomic Characterization of Microtia in the Andean Population.” The project will refine the phenotype and investigate the genetic and environmental causes of microtia in the Andean Region of South America, where the frequency of this malformation is three to four times higher than in other countries.

Sandra Juul, MD, PhD, has been invited by the Center for Scientific Review to serve as a member of the Developmental Brain Disorders Study Section from July 2011-June 2017.

Leslie Walker, MD, was presented with the Ken Feldman Award at the annual Juneteenth Celebration on June 16, 2011 at Seattle Children’s. The Odessa Brown Ken Feldman Diversity Award honors an individual at Seattle Children’s who encourages, promotes and displays respect, compassion and advocacy for all people.

Ruth McDonald, MD, was elected secretary of the national Board of Directors of the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS).

Julie Brown, MD, and Nathalia Jimenez, MD, MPH, were the first recipients of the Young Faculty Award presented at the Center for Clinical and Translational Research’s First Annual Science Day on June 2.

Cora Collette Breuner, MD, MPH, FAAP, was reappointed as a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Committee on Adolescence (COA) for a two-year period effective July 2011.

Susanne Martin Herz, MD, PhD, a 2011 graduating fellow in Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics, was awarded her PhD in Child Clinical Psychology. Her dissertation was focused on "Quality of Life and Its Predictors in Adolescents after General Traumatic Injury."
Dr. Martin Herz received the "Ethics Prize for Graduate Students" from The Program on Values in Society at the University of Washington for her work on "Ethical Considerations in Postinjury Research in Children and Adolescents."


The Global Center for Integrated Health of Women, Children, and Adolescents is a new center in the School of Medicine and the School of Public Health. A collaboration between the Department of Pediatrics, the Department of Global Health and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the center was first envisioned when the UW Department of Global Health was established in 2007. After a recent 7 months of strategic planning efforts led by a multidisciplinary working group that included Grace John Stewart, MD, PhD, MPH, Erin Allen, MHA, Maneesh Batra, MD, MPH, and Judd Walson, MD, MPH, the center is ready for its official launch in September 2011 and well positioned to lead innovative research, education, and service to support sustainable improvements in the health of communities.


Leslie Walker, MD, gave the Presidential Address at the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine (SAHM) 2011 Annual Meeting: Health equity and adolescent health: A call to action for the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine. Journal of Adolescent Health. 2011; 48(5):530-532.

Daniela Luquetti, MD, PhD: Microtia-anotia: A global review of prevalence rates. Luquetti DV, Leoncini E, Mastroiacovo P. Birth Defects Res A Clin Mol Teratol. 2011 Jun 7.

Ken Feldman, MD: Staphylococcal infection mimicking child abuse: What is the differential diagnosis and appropriate evaluation? Knox BL, Petska HW, DeMuri GP, Feldman KW. Pediatric Emergency Care. 2011;27: 547-549.

Henry Berman, MD: Bulling: Physician guidance can help prevent problem, minimize pain. Berman H. The Bulletin: King County Medical Society. 2011 May/June; 90(3):13-15.

David Breland, MD, MPH: Gay youth: What clinicians need to know. Breland DJ. The Bulletin: King County Medical Society. 2011 May/June; 90(3):18-21.

Cora Collette Breuner, MD, MPH: Eating disorders: Use an interdisciplinary approach. Breuner CC. The Bulletin: King County Medical Society. 2011 May/June; 90(3):28-29.

Rita Mangione-Smith, MD, MPH:

  1. The children’s health insurance program reauthorization act quality measures initiatives: moving forward to improve measurement, care, and child and adolescent outcomes. Dougherty D, Schiff J, Mangione-Smith R. Academic Pediatrics. 2011; 11:S1-S10.
  2. Identifying children’s health care quality measures for Medicaid and CHIP: an evidence-informed, publicly transparent expert process. Mangione-Smith R, Schiff J, Dougherty D. Academic Pediatrics. 2011; 11:S11-S21.

Jacqueline Starr, PhD:

  1. No association between maternal pre-pregnancy obesity and risk of hypospadias or cryptorchidism in male newborns. Adams SV, Hastert TA, Huang Y, Starr JR. Birth Defects Res A Clin Mol Teratol. 2011 Apr;91(4):241-8.
  2. Mothers' and fathers' reports of stress in families of infants with and without single-suture craniosynostosis. Rosenberg JM, Kapp-Simon KA, Starr JR, Cradock M, Speltz ML. Cleft Palate Craniofac J. 2011 Jan 14.

Michael Cunningham, MD, PhD:

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Linda Quan, MD:

  1. A keynote speaker at the World Conference on Drowning, May 11, 2011 in Danang, Vietnam, on the development of international guidelines to prevent drowning in open water.
  2. Awarded Best Conference Abstract: A policy strategy to prevent open water drowning among children and teens in Washington State, USA. Bennett E, Quan L, Williams K. As presented at the World Conference on Drowning Prevention in Danang, Vietnam, 2011.
  3. Association between wearing a personal floatation device and death by drowning among recreational boaters: a matched cohort analysis of United States Coast Guard data. Cummings P, Mueller BA, Quan L. Injury Prevention 2011;17:156-159.

Helén Dichek, MD: Mechanisms of Urokinase Plasminogen Activator (uPA)-mediated Atherosclerosis: ROLE OF THE uPA RECEPTOR AND S100A8/A9 PROTEINS. Farris SD, Hu JH, Krishnan R, Emery I, Chu T, Du L, Kremen M, Dichek HL, Gold E, Ramsey SA, Dichek DA. J Biol Chem. 2011 Jun 24;286(25):22665-77. Epub 2011 May 2.

Timothy Cox, PhD: Efficacy of sonic and ultrasonic activation combined with rotary instrumentation and positive pressure irrigation for removal of calcium hydroxide on mesial canals of mandibular molars: a micro-tomographic study. Wiseman A, Cox TC, Paranjpe A, Flake NM, Cohenca N, Johnson JD. Journal of Endodontics. 2011;37(2):235-238.

Drs. Timothy Cox and Murat Maga:
Manitoba-oculo-tricho-anal (MOTA) syndrome is caused by mutations in FREM1. Slavotinek AM, Baranzini SE, Schanze D, Labelle-Dumais C, Short KM, Chao R, Yahyavi M, Bijlsma EK, Chu C, Musone S, Wheatley A, Kwok PY, Marles S, Fryns JP, Maga AM, Hassan MG, Gould DB, Madireddy L, Li C, Cox TC, Smyth I, Chudley AE, Zenker M. J Med Genet. 2011 Jun;48(6):375-82.

Timothy Cox, PhD, Murat Maga, PhD, and Michael Cunningham, MD, PhD: Facial suture synostosis of newborn Fgfr1(P250R/+) and Fgfr2(S252W/+) mouse models of Pfeiffer and Apert syndromes. Purushothaman R, Cox TC, Maga AM, Cunningham ML. Birth Defects Res A Clin Mol Teratol. 2011 Apr 28.

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