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Bioethics Film Series

Monday, March 10, 2014

Location: Wright Auditorium at Seattle Childrenís Hospital

The documentary Rare is an honest portrayal of what it means to have a rare disease, the doctors studying rare diseases and offers an intimate window into the realm of clinical trials, the role of patient advocates and successes and disappointments of clinical research. Panel discussion led by Dr. Holly Tabor, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Bioethics, UW/Seattle Childrenís; Dr. Bonnie Ramsey, Professor of Pediatrics, Director of the Center for Clinical and Translational Research, UW/Seattle Childrenís Research Institute; Dr. Daniel Doherty, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Developmental Medicine, UW/Seattle Childrenís; Dean Suhr, President, MLD Foundation; Teryn Suhr, Executive Director, MLD Foundation; DeDe Van Quill, Director, Foundation for Nager & Miller Syndromes. RSVP to More information.


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