Message from the Interim-Chair, Karen F. Murray, MD

Welcome to the Department of Pediatrics

Karen Murray, MD

The Department of Pediatrics of the University of Washington School of Medicine and Seattle Children's Hospital is nationally recognized as a leader in clinical care advancements and delivery, innovative research, education, and quality improvement. Composed of over 500 expert faculty, our Department has been ranked in the top 10 among U.S. Departments of Pediatrics by U.S. News & World Report in recent years, with our subspecialty divisions leading the nation in rankings.

Serving the children of the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho) and beyond, the Department of Pediatrics provides the most advanced care in the region. Integrating our innovative research with our daily care delivery we bring state-of-the-art treatments to all of our patients. Examples include our immunotherapy program for childhood cancers which is providing hope and cures to children who's cancer was not responsive to prior treatments, our transplant programs which are leading the nation in both patient outcomes and policy advancement nationally, our diabetes program which is changing the way education and chronic care are delivered to patients and families, and our inflammatory bowel disease program that has integrated dietary therapies and fecal transplant into its treatment options.

The Department of Pediatrics Research Programs continue to expand and flourish, now with over $60 million in NIH funding, alone, to the combined faculty at all research sites. Additionally, the Department Faculty effectively partner with various foundations and corporations to lead the nation in research innovations that are not only increasing treatments available but advancing our understanding of the pathogenesis of diseases from Autism to Zellweger Syndrome. Furthermore, the QI Scholar's Program provides training in Quality Improvement research to faculty and trainees selected to participate.

Innovation and commitment to excellence by the Department of Pediatrics is also evident in our Educational Programs. Our residency program is ranked among the best in the nation and is proud to train 125 residents/year in 4 Pediatrics-based programs (Categorical Pediatrics, Primary Care - Alaska, Pediatric Neurology, and Pediatric Medical Genetics). Within the categorical pediatric residency are 3 unique pathways for those with specific career interests in Research, Global Health and Community Advocacy. The latter two pathways are encompassed within the Resident Education and Advocacy for Child Health (REACH) program with rotations in either Toppenish, Washington or Kisii, Kenya.

Resident training is enriched by rotations that integrate residents into independent community practices throughout Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho (WWAMI), enhanced international exchanges enabled by the recently established Ambassador Christopher Stevens Endowment, as well as other unique programmatic opportunities. Residents graduate prepared to lead programs in underserved areas, serve as primary care and specialty Pediatricians, and matriculate to the nation's most competitive subspecialty fellowship programs. Moreover, the Department's faculty supports the Medical Student education program at 21 Pediatric WWAMI sites, and its subspecialty programs lead some of the top Pediatric Subspecialty Fellowship programs across all Pediatric disciplines, with common educational opportunities provided via the Department's Fellow's College.

Overall, in partnership with the University of Washington and Seattle Children's, the Department is committed to our primary mission of improving the health of children throughout the world. We invite you to explore our website for additional, in-depth information about our programs.

Sincerely and enthusiastically,

Karen F. Murray, MD


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