University Marketing & Communications

March 29, 2013

UW Code Camp is a success!


Thank you to all who attended and aided the amazing success of the inaugural UW Code Camp. I hope everyone was as excited to attend as we were to host. I also hope everyone found Code Camp to be a great venue for learning and future collaboration.

There were 150 more people than we initially estimated (a total of 200 attendees!), and the response afterwards was fantastic. Indeed, many asked when the next one would be held before the event was even finished. Everyone I spoke to had positive feedback and great ideas for a future installment of Code Camp.

Again and again, people talked and shared ideas with those outside their departments and—best of all—were able to put faces to names seen only before on mailing lists. People walked away excited and with something tangible they could apply right away.

There is nothing currently planned, but based on the initial feedback it’s a good chance that the unconference will continue in one form or another. If you want this to happen again, please fill out our forthcoming survey to give us a better understanding of not only what worked, but what could change in the future. In addition, the promised presentations will be made available soon.

I can’t say enough times “thank you” to everyone who was a part of this amazing experience. I love the UW and when so many people come together as a force for change, I’m proud to be a Husky. The rest of the Code Camp team deserves a huge shout out as this could not have happened without all of them (in alphabetical order):

  • Gwen Trentham
  • Maureen Noonan
  • Tony Chang

As a special treat, here are some photos from the event.