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April 10, 2013

Update documents in WordPress

By University of Washington

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Have you ever made a change to a PDF or Word Document hosted on your WordPress site, only to upload the new version and find that the URL has changed? The Marketing Web Team has added a “Replace Media” option to the UW Theme, which will allow you to upload new versions of the same document and keep the original URL.

Use this process for any document that can be uploaded into WordPress, except images.

How to add updated documents

  1. Select Media > Library from the left-hand menu in your WordPress Dashboard.
    Replace Document: Navigate to Media > Library
  2. In the Media Library, find the file you want to update.
  3. Click the file name or the Edit link to open the Edit Media page for your file.
    Replace Document: Edit the file or document
  4. Click the Replace button toward the bottom of the Edit Media page.
    Replace Document: Click Replace button
  5. Click Upload Files, then click the Select Files button to upload your new file.
    Replace Document: Upload your new file

    Click image to enlarge.

  6. When your file is uploaded, you will find its information in the Attachment Details section on the right-hand side.
    Replace Document: When your file is uploaded, you will find it's information in the Attachment Details section.
  7. Click Select at the bottom of the Attachment Details section.
    Replace Document: Click select

    • You will see a red warning notice at the top of the Edit Media page. This is only to notify you about your impending changes.
      Replace Document: Screenshot of warning on Edit Media page.
  8. Click Update to save your changes.
    Replace Document: Click update to save changes.
  9. A yellow message at the top of the Edit Media page will confirm that your changes have been made.
    Replace Document: Replace media confirmation message.
  10. To make sure your document successfully updated, open a page on your site where the document is linked and download and open the file.
    • Note: You may need to hard refresh your browser window before the updates are visible.