LESS and the new workflow


I read somewhere that 2013 was the year for focusing on performance (which was probably more just the result of someone needing to get a post out) after the previous year’s gluttonous affair with responsive web design. Dane and I (mostly Dane) came up with a new workflow to coincide with the new super-theme we’re developing.

Emotion trumps

Newly elected UW student officials revel after their win. Huskies Now had a near sweep of the elections.

An expression can tell an entire story.

Well, it’s been fun

Gullfiskur fish swimming in water

It is with mixed feelings that I write this, however I’m leaving the Marketing Web Team and the UW to pursue a new and exciting opportunity at a private company in the Downtown Seattle area. My time at the UW has been quite the journey.

Create an iOS web app with this simple tip

Marketing Web Team page on iPhone

When viewing a website on Safari for iOS, there’s an option to add it to the user’s Home screen where it will appear like a native app. Normally when the web app is launched, Safari opens and feels like a disruptive experience. The solution is a simple meta tag that will open Safari in full screen mode more smoothly.

May Web Council recap

Cat in a tolite bowl

Assistant Attorney General Clark Shores speaks about who owns the copyright of an authored work, and discusses fair use as applied to the Perfect 10 vs Amazon lawsuit. Also, Jason Civjan from the ACA UX team walks us through the process his team uses to improve UW websites.

Intellectual Property & UX: May 2013 Web Council

Kitten DJ

Web Council is May 16th at the usual time and place. Get free legal advice from Clark Shore–specifically about Intellectual Property and fair use. We will also have Jason Civjan from the ACA UX team share his valuable insight about Information Architecture and how to avoid common pitfalls during site redesigns.

Campus landscapes

Sylvan Grove at sunset

With palettes pretty enough to repaint your living room.

Good things come in threes


A good photo essay will include an establishing, medium, and close-up shot. And a kitten, if you’re lucky.

WordCamp Seattle

Seattle WordCamp logo

I just found out there’s this thing called WordCamp Seattle happening June 8th at the HUB Ballroom. For a mere $20 (and free if you’re a student), you can surround yourself with other WordPress enthusiasts and learn things you never knew about WordPress. And the best part? You don’t have to be a developer to get the most out of this conference.