What’s popular on the UW home page

Our regularly changing stories/features are always popular, but some of the permanent links are consistent winners day in and day out. Here’s a quick rundown of five of the most popular…

Resource links posted

Direct links are now available (right column under Resources) to: Header-Footer Wizard, UW Marketing Toolkits, Web Color Palette, UW Brand Guidelines, Signature Logo Art Pack…

Redesign highlights

The redesign of the UW home page is part of a multiyear Reputation Building Initiative. The goal of RBI is “to reach our many audiences and enhance their appreciation for the UW’s essential value in the state, region and beyond.”

New home page coming in 2010…

The UW’s home page will get a makeover in the New Year. Over the next few months, we will post redesign updates and info on this blog to keep the UW community apprised of the changes that are in the offing. Among the planned enhancements: better on-page navigation, more “top stories” to choose from, the ability to “share” and much more.

Flashback: The UW Web 1996-2009

Click on the images below to see how the University of Washington home page has changed over the years…

Mobile app is now on the BlackBerry

The UW on Nov. 4 became the first university in the nation to launch a mobile app for BlackBerry devices. It’s modeled after our iPhone app, which launched earlier. Both offer course catalogs, campus directories, maps, news, photos and sports scores in a format optimized for mobile devices.

Header/footer wizard

We are pleased to announce the launch of an online tool that helps you create a customizable header/footer for your UW Web pages that adheres to University of Washington brand guidelines. These page elements provide standardized UW graphics and global navigation in a variety of colors and customizable layouts.

Plone on Ubuntu 9.04

Grumpy Persian cat

I spent the better part of the week getting Plone 3.3.1 to compile under Ubuntu 9.04. There were some dependency problems and just general wonkiness. The biggest error I received was due to a lack of the Python Imaging Library (PIL). Now that would have been fine except that I installed it via the python-imaging package.

New Campus Map

A new campus map, created using Google Maps, is now live. Check it out at www.washington.edu/maps.

Python, XML and Google Maps

Grumpy Persian cat

Generating and organizing data for the campus maps project is a constant journey. I’ve switched between several XML formats, with interesting results. Finally, I have landed on a blend of formats that gives adequate performance and allows for updating. I’ll probably split the entire process into several posts but here is the start. Originally I used the provided format that the GXml parser can understand.