March Web Council recording

Grumpy Cat Meme. Went to Web Council, it's way too early.

Don’t you just love Web Council? We sure do. So much so, we’re recording and sharing the meetings for your viewing pleasure.

294 Days

Dark stormy sky over Red Square

Quality of light is extremely important in setting the mood, or tone, of an image.

New class: WordPress 201

Dubs the grad

Stuck on our image galleries? Don’t know what the heck “pagelet” means or how to use a “blogroll shortcode”? It’s okay, sometimes even we get confused. The Web Team has created unique widgets and customized our WordPress sites above and beyond, so we’re hosting this class to demystify some of our inventions.

Pro tip: Add a home icon to your top navigation

WordPress home icon

Ever wonder how to get that nifty home icon on your top navigation bar? It’s actually just a simple class added to a menu item. If you’re using the UW WordPress theme and already know how to customize your top menu, then you’re ready for our step-by-step tutorial.

Web Council lineup for March 2013

Globe in Suzzallo Library

Don’t miss the March 21st Web Council. We’ll hear about how to use Tegrity to create web content, about how News & Information sharply increased their traffic, and how records retention might affect you and your web content.

Lux Sit

Long exposure light painting at night with steel wool sparks

“Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography.” – George Eastman

Harry vs The Duck

Harry the Husky takes down the Oregon Duck during a basketball game

Straight to the point. Awesome Friday photo from UW Student Life.

Currently available WordPress plugins

WordPress logo

This is a list of plugins currently available for WordPress sites hosted by the Marketing Web Team. These plugins have been vetted by our developers and are already installed, but may need to be activated before you can use them on your site. If there is a plugin that you would like to use on this list, email and let us know the name of the plugin you want activated and the URL of your site.