University Marketing & Communications

May 16, 2013

May Web Council recap


Selected Topics in Copyright Law

Assistant Attorney General Clark Shores speaks about who owns the copyright of an authored work, detailing some examples we run into here at the UW. He covers the different types of copyright authorship, specifically works created by an employee within the scope of their assigned job and works “made for hire.” He also talks about fair use as applied to the Perfect 10 vs. Amazon case.

User Experience (UX) Interrogation

Jason Civjan from ACA UX team (blog: UX@UW) walks us through a high-level overview of the process his team employs when advising UW groups and individuals on site redesigns.

Catch him at about Chapter 30 in our Tegrity recording, and check out his Prezi slide deck below.

And don’t forget: Anyone affiliated with the UW is welcome to visit with Jason and his team for free consultation.

IT Connect site redesign

Rick Ells gives us a sneak peek at the new IT Connect site that should launch in summer. He discusses the redesign process, plus why they choose WordPress as a content management system.

Mobile Minute

Finally, we wrap up Web Council with a quick intro on the apple-mobile-web-app-capable meta tag that “app-ifies” a web page.