University Marketing & Communications

May 12, 2014

Data visualization and screen reader demo: May 2014 Web Council

Screenshot from data visualization tool

Bring your coffee and prepare to learn about visualizing massive amounts of data during our May Web Council.Legislative Explorer

When: Thursday, May 15, 9-10:30 a.m.
Where: Odegaard 220
Who: UW employees who work with the Web, whether developers or content creators

Data visualization and decades of lawmaking

Meet Legislative Explorer, an online tool for researchers and students that tracks the progress of every bill and resolution introduced in Congress since 1973. Professor John Wilkerson, doctoral student Nick Stramp and Christian Schmidt from Schema (a design and technology studio) will share how they wrangled a huge set of data and built this interactive tool.

Screen reader demo

Hadi Rangin, a new member of the UW accessibility team, will demo how blind and visually-impaired users interact with our Web pages via screen readers. If you’ve not yet encountered a screen reader in real life, you won’t want to miss this demonstration of “super-fast synthesized speech.”

Choosing the best tool for the job

Web Team developer Jon Swanson will walk through the development and implementation of the revamped UW Today newsletter and show how the team pivoted from one approach to another in order to create the best possible end product.

Mobile Minute

A monthly snapshot from the mobile world.