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June 20, 2013

June Web Council recap


The Allen Library Auditorium is not equipped for Tegrity recordings, so we unfortunately have no recording of today’s Web Council.

Trumba update

Gregory Koester, Technology Manager at Academic Services in UW-IT, gave us a brief project update on the Trumba event calendar. If you want updates on the migration progress or are interested in knowing when the video trainings become available, you are invited to join the Trumba Editors mailing list or email Greg directly.

Mobile Web

David Morton, Director of Mobile Communications at the UW, moderated our mobile web panel discussion. The panel featured Charlon Palacay, User Interface Developer at UX@UW and the Web Team’s very own senior developer, Dane Odekirk. The three discussed the pros and cons of developing both native apps and web-based apps (this includes responsive and device specific, but the focus skewed more responsive web).

The essence of the conversation was that developing native apps means you will need to keep track of different code sets (iOS, Android, Blackberry, and so on) while a responsive web app is more of a “one-size-fits-all” approach. On the other hand, you lose features like touch gestures, processing power and GPS with the simplicity of a web app. The main considerations to make when deciding on a native vs. web app approach is manpower and maintenance cost, available technical skill, and how your content will best serve your users.

In the words of Dane, “developing for mobile is a hot mess.”

And because they are awesome, here are some of the UW-specific apps mentioned during the conversation:

Screen Reader demo

Terry Thompson, Technology Accessibility Specialist at UW-IT/DO-IT, walked us through an inaccessible website and explained specific (and common) markup/content mistakes that would be confusing to a blind user accessing the page with the JAWS screen reading software. He then showed us how JAWS reads an accessible version of that same website.

If you would like a similar walkthrough of your UW department or organization site, email Dan Comden for details.

DrupalCon recap

Andy Hieb, Joel Walter, Heather Wozniak, and Terry Thompson gave us a very quick recap of DrupalCon Portland 2013.

Kicking yourself for missing out on the DrupalCon Portland fun? Watch a few of the presentations on the Featured Sessions page.

Being a content person, I recommend Karen McGrane’s keynote presentation (I also highly recommend her book, Content Strategy for Mobile).