University Marketing & Communications

July 23, 2014

Directories, directories, directories

By Kilian Frey

As we march on through the rebranding process, the Web Team continually looks at what we’re currently doing and asks if it’s the best solution possible. Such as a few days ago, when we wondered if we could bypass the campus directory page and directly query the LDAP database that houses faculty, staff and student contact information.

We thought it would be great if someone could search the directory via our primary search bar rather than needing to head over to the UW Directory page. This is something we did in the past with Kurogo, a mobile dashboard framework that—among other things—allowed us to search our campus directory database.

After playing around with LDAP for a few hours, Dane was able to pull directory info into our search and create auto-suggest results. The improved search will only query names and emails for now, but we’re exploring we can query other data (department, phone, etc.). We think users are going to appreciate the ease of search that will be a part of the new UW Web. Here’s a sneak peek:

Search animation