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April 5, 2013

Currently available WordPress widgets

By University of Washington

Below are descriptions of custom UW widgets for WordPress sites running the UW Theme. For a list of default WordPress widgets, please visit the Descriptions of each widget section of the WordPress Codex.

For more information on widgets and how to use them, visit the Widgets page on the WordPress Codex.

Custom widgets at a glance

Community Photos

Display the latest photos submitted to UW Community Photos in the sidebar of your site. (Photos are reviewed by News & Information staff.)

Screenshot of Community Photos Widget


The latest news from KEXP and KUOW in the sidebar of your site.


The Pagelet widget is for content that needs to be displayed in the right-hand menu of some (but not all) of your pages. Read our Pagelet documentation for detailed steps on how to use Pagelets in your sidebar.

UW Pride Points

Display Pride Points (notable UW facts) on your pages. The Marketing Web Team plans to roll this widget out by Summer 2013.


This widget replaces the default WordPress RSS widget for your sidebar and can display a blurb before the RSS feed content.

The title and blurb fields are optional. Below is how the RSS widget will display without this information:
UW RSS widget with no extra content

If you fill in both the title and blurb fields, here is an example of how the RSS widget will display:
RSS widget with content

UW Showcase

Display one of the below pre-populated snippets of content in the sidebar of your site. These options are maintained by the Marketing Web Team and cannot be modified. If you find a broken link or outdated content, send us an email at

UW on Facebook
UW on Facebook widget

Interactive Maps
Interactive Maps widget

Apply to the UW
Apply to the UW Widget