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August Web Council recap

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Ben Erickson shared strategies for being the only developer on a team, Christine Tawatao showed us how UW Libraries use personas (and how we can, too!), and Alanya Cannon returned with a follow-up preview of the UW brand refresh as it impacts the Web. We wrapped up with Shane Fricks, Morgen Nilsson and Heather Wozniak from the College of Arts and Sciences, who shared their approach to building and supporting websites for academic units.

Directories, directories, directories

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As we march on through the rebranding process, Web Team members continually look at what we’re currently doing and ask if it’s the best solution possible. Such as a few days ago, when we wondered if we could bypass the campus directory page and directly query the LDAP database that houses faculty, staff and student contact information.

June 2014 Web Council recap

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Alanya Cannon started off Web Council with an update on the UW brand refresh timeline. The Web Team’s Kilian Frey followed-up with a preview of a Web components style guide that will better help units rollout the brand updates on their sites. Finally, Tim Crandley gave us a historic overview and live demo of Michelangelo, an intuitive database tool that allows users to “effortlessly query everything.”

From the rooftop to the UW home page!

In collaboration with the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, we are now providing local weather data on the UW home page.  Two standout features: The temperature is taken directly from the Atmospheric Sciences building rooftop, and an in-depth Seattle/UW forecast is available by clicking the weather tab (top right, just above the search box).

MyUW. Can you find it now?

In an earlier post (before launch) we mentioned that the popular MyUW link was in three places and pointed them out. But some site visitors said they still couldn’t find it and asked for it to be in the audience-based “dropdown” menus for students and faculty/staff. OK, we added it. Can you find it now? For good measure, we also added a link to Alpine!

What people are saying

he new UW home page has been live for two full weekdays now, and about 200 of you have taken the time to share your thoughts. Some of you love it, some hate it.  We’ve read every word you’ve shared — or YELLED. And we  have already made some adjustments in response.

Welcome to the new home page!

We know you’ll want to explore the site to see what’s new, but here’s a little cheat sheet to guide you through some of the changes…

New home page coming soon

The UW soon will launch a redesigned home page that features stronger audience-focused navigation, new interactivity, social networking options and many more opportunities to explore what the university has to offer. We’re in the final stages of dotting i’s and crossing t’s. We’ll announce the launch date here and on the current home page, so check back often!

More about top navigation

You’ll want to click on this image (twice) to see two basic navigation scenarios. The “thin strip” at the top has links to some of our most popular destinations and/or features: UW Home | Directories | Calendar | Maps | My UW

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