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Rethinking the campus map

Campus maps

Last week we quietly launched the third version of our ever-popular campus map. We’ve gone with single “drawer” UI that contains the building pop-up windows, search box, directions and resources. This creates a single, unified go-to point. But who are we kidding? It’s just prettier.

Pro tip: Link to campus parking lots

Embed Campus Map: Parking Lots overlaid

Did you know you can point visitors directly to any campus parking lot from the Campus Map? Showing visitors where to park on the map is similar to showing them where campus buildings or landmarks are located, but there’s one extra (and often overlooked) step required to find the “share link.”

New Campus Map

A new campus map, created using Google Maps, is now live. Check it out at

Python, XML and Google Maps

Grumpy Persian cat

Generating and organizing data for the campus maps project is a constant journey. I’ve switched between several XML formats, with interesting results. Finally, I have landed on a blend of formats that gives adequate performance and allows for updating. I’ll probably split the entire process into several posts but here is the start. Originally I used the provided format that the GXml parser can understand.