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A refreshing new look for the UW home page


This week marks the debut of a refreshed University of Washington home page. The website features a host of under-the-hood enhancements such as a responsive design and improved accessibility and navigation. The purple jellyfish background has met its demise, revealing a lighter, brighter color scheme. The content and navigation remain largely the same and the functionality…

Server Migration

Grumpy Persian cat

Finally, the CMS is migrated to the latest version of Plone and on to new hardware. The actual transition happened two weeks ago Friday but it’s been several days of testing. Anyone visiting the site should notice a huge speed improvement and a generally large increase in reliability.

From the rooftop to the UW home page!

In collaboration with the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, we are now providing local weather data on the UW home page.  Two standout features: The temperature is taken directly from the Atmospheric Sciences building rooftop, and an in-depth Seattle/UW forecast is available by clicking the weather tab (top right, just above the search box).

What people are saying

he new UW home page has been live for two full weekdays now, and about 200 of you have taken the time to share your thoughts. Some of you love it, some hate it.  We’ve read every word you’ve shared — or YELLED. And we  have already made some adjustments in response.

Welcome to the new home page!

We know you’ll want to explore the site to see what’s new, but here’s a little cheat sheet to guide you through some of the changes…

New home page coming soon

The UW soon will launch a redesigned home page that features stronger audience-focused navigation, new interactivity, social networking options and many more opportunities to explore what the university has to offer. We’re in the final stages of dotting i’s and crossing t’s. We’ll announce the launch date here and on the current home page, so check back often!

Sneak peek at new home page

Check it out! Here’s a screenshot of a mockup of the top of the new UW home page, coming to a Web browser near you in 2010. Note the light tan horizontal bar at the very top. That’s the standard utility navigation.

UW home page insight coming soon…

In the coming weeks and months, we will be sharing more detailed information on changes to the UW home page when the redesign is launched in 2010 (exact date TBD). Starting on New Year’s Day, we’ll give you a sneak peek at the new page.

What’s popular on the UW home page

Our regularly changing stories/features are always popular, but some of the permanent links are consistent winners day in and day out. Here’s a quick rundown of five of the most popular…

Redesign highlights

The redesign of the UW home page is part of a multiyear Reputation Building Initiative. The goal of RBI is “to reach our many audiences and enhance their appreciation for the UW’s essential value in the state, region and beyond.”

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