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Responsive web design in a Retina world

I thought Responsive Web Design wasn’t going to stick around more than a year, but with numbers like these who can argue its value? There are some pain points, and like any new technology, we have to work our way through these. One of my biggest headaches was trying to target high pixel density displays.

UW Code Camp is March 27

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Save the date for UW Code Camp, a one-day conference to help the UW technical community make new connections and discuss challenges. The Code Camp goal is to provide an open forum for UW staff and students to share and collaborate on technology trends and issues.

Alert Banner 2.0

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In celebration of the new version of the Alert Banner launching today it’s time to give an overview of what’s new. If you did not know there was a banner please read about it. Basically there is a system in place that can deliver a dynamic notification on to your website if there is some sort of wide-spread emergency.


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I have accounts for several systems and I always have problems keeping my home environment up to date. I’ll create a script on one place and end up wanting to use it several more places. I’ll find a line to add to my .bashrc and end up missing it when I log into another system.

Write a custom WordPress Importer, part 2

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This was originally posted on Chris Heiland’s staff blog while he was a member of the Web Team. Chris migrated this post to the Web Team blog before he left because we thought the content still had value to the UW community. In Part 1 it was all about the WP Importer class, now that…

Write a custom WordPress Importer, part 1

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Moving content from one system to another is always a conversation, many times it makes sense to rewrite and think about each new article. The goal should always be cleanup and enhance the experience for the user. However, in some cases it makes sense just to automatically script the process for expediency or when content doesn’t need to be modified.

Performance of CGI vs PHP

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A long time ago there was Common Gateway Interface (CGI), people used it because there was nothing better available. If you wanted your programming language on the web to generate HTML, there was no other option. The benefit was you could really use any language your server could support which ranged from popular such as perl, to the outright wacky bash.

Scavenger Hunt

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Scavenger Hunt is an application that utilizes several technologies to make everything work seamlessly. The actual site runs off the main HuskyFest site that is built on WordPress.

Supercache on a Read-only filesystem

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I’ve finally gotten around to solving an interesting problem. For security purposes our primary webserver is read-only which makes some normally trivial tasks extremely difficult. Originally the system was design to push static files to the front end cluster so the web server could deliver.

Buildout Recipes and Genshi

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We had a problem where we needed two different varnish configuration files between our staging and production plone environments. Generating two files that do similar things is just too much work and unnecessary. However, there is a solution.

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