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UW 2014 child theming updates

This past month I presented at the November 2014 Web Council on how we’ve taken child theming to a new place. Here is some official documentation to accompany and expand upon that presentation. First things first: the old way of initializing a $UW object with your chosen functionality (detailed here) still works. What’s different is…

Theme update: Introducing the UW PHP object

Screenshot of UW drop-down object code

With the brand refresh under way, we’re taking the opportunity to look at how we organize our functionality and actual code in the backend of our theme. Times like these are when we have a chance to satisfy the itch to create really great code and lay the framework for new possibilities.

Things to come…


Happy New Year, all! I wanted to give everyone a little heads-up on a couple of projects we’ve got coming up. One involves a refresh of something that rhymes with “foampage.” Expect that to launch around January 20th. In the meantime, I’ve managed to cobble together a couple of its pieces: Project #2 Our second…

YouTube playlist update

Which sm channel?

If you’ve embedded a YouTube playlist into your WordPress site, you might have noticed it looks different. Fear not, you aren’t seeing things! We recently modernized the look and feel of the YouTube player on our Marketing-hosted WordPress sites.

The W is on a diet


For the next theme iteration, we’re trying out a new trick in our never-ending quest to become leaner.

LESS and the new workflow


I read somewhere that 2013 was the year for focusing on performance (which was probably more just the result of someone needing to get a post out) after the previous year’s gluttonous affair with responsive web design. Dane and I (mostly Dane) came up with a new workflow to coincide with the new super-theme we’re developing.

Create an iOS web app with this simple tip

Marketing Web Team page on iPhone

When viewing a website on Safari for iOS, there’s an option to add it to the user’s Home screen where it will appear like a native app. Normally when the web app is launched, Safari opens and feels like a disruptive experience. The solution is a simple meta tag that will open Safari in full screen mode more smoothly.

UW Code Camp is a success!

Code Camp Joyful Times

Thank you to all who attended and aided the amazing success of the inaugural UW Code Camp. I hope everyone was as excited to attend as we were to host. I also hope everyone found Code Camp to be a great venue for learning and future collaboration. There were 150 more people than we initially estimated (a total of 200 attendees!), and the response afterwards was fantastic.

UW Code Camp: It’s tomorrow

Code Camp Thumbs Up!

Get ready for the first ever UW Code Camp tomorrow, March 27! This will be a fast-paced day packed full of knowledge and collaboration with members of the University information technology community. Read this full post to see our tips on how to get the most out of your day at Code Camp and to view the agenda.

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