Starbucks in the (Dawg) House!


The UW is now proudly serving Starbucks® coffee and offering other Starbucks® beverage options at UW dining locations!

This means that you are now able to enjoy a variety of Starbucks® hot and cold beverages at more than 22 locations on campus. The transition to Starbucks® at UW dining locations began this fall. Meantime, the foods you currently enjoy at these locations will remain the same.

You can also continue to compost your hot beverage cups and lids and recycle the cold cup offering. In addition, whenever you bring in a reusable cup, we offer a discount at all UW dining locations.

While loyalty cards are not accepted at UW dining locations at this time, new programs and promotions are in development and we look forward to bringing you additional options in the future!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is the UW now serving Starbucks®?
A. The UW regularly evaluates its business and operations to meet the needs of campus and has made a campus-wide switch as part of a partnership with Starbucks®. As a result, we will now be offering Starbucks® coffee at more than 22 UW dining locations on campus.

Q. Is there anywhere on campus where I can still get Tully’s coffee?
A. We will no longer be serving Tully’s.

Q. Are the Starbucks® cups and other serviceware compostable?
A. The cups and lids used for hot Starbucks® beverages are compostable and they are currently evaluating options for their cold beverages, which should be available in the coming year. In the meantime, all Starbucks® cups and lids are recyclable.

Q. What rewards programs will be continued or discontinued?
A. Finals Week “Upshot” and the paper loyalty cards will be discontinued. Seasonal drink promotions will continue as will the bring-your-own-mug program. The new bring-your-own-mug program offers drip coffee and hot tea to customers at a discounted price and 10 cents off any espresso drinks. Customers with the UW Dining Refill Club mug will continue to receive a 50-cent discount on 16-ounce drinks as well as soda or dispensed milk and juice at UW dining locations.

Q. Can I use my Starbucks® Rewards Card on campus?
A. All UW dining coffee locations on campus are run by HFS and are not Starbucks® locations and therefore, at this time, cannot accept the Starbucks® card.

Q. Can I use Starbucks® Rewards coupons/discounts on campus?
A. All UW dining coffee locations on campus are run by HFS and are not Starbucks® locations and therefore, at this time, cannot accept Starbucks® coupons or discounts.

Q. Will I still be able to get the same food products that I did before?
A. Yes. The foods you currently enjoy at these coffee locations will remain the same.

Q. Why is my coffee more expensive?
A. Several factors influence pricing, including coffee quality and the experience we are providing. While there will be a slight increase in coffee price, which would have happened regardless of supplier, we hope you will enjoy the variety of offerings coming from Starbucks®.

Q. Why is Fair Trade coffee not available as an offering at the University of Washington?
A. Starbucks® ethical sourcing practices were one of the many factors we considered when deciding to collaborate with the company. While Starbucks® does purchase Fair Trade coffee, its approach to sourcing is grounded in their Coffee and Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E.) Practices, a comprehensive coffee-buying program. Developed in close partnership with Conservation International over 10 years ago, C.A.F.E. Practices ensure coffee quality while also promoting social, economic and environmental standards. Today, 93 percent of all Starbucks® coffee is certified under C.A.F.E. Practices, Fair Trade or another external verification system. Globally, Starbucks® goal is to source 100 percent of its coffee ethically by 2015 using either C.A.F.E. Practices, Fair Trade or another accepted external verification or certification. To read more about Starbucks’® ethical sourcing practices, visit  their website,

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