University Marketing & Communications

November 5, 2013

How to pick which social networks to use

Elise Perachio

Some weeks it seems like there’s a new social network popping up every single day. Given how limited marketing and communications resources are at the UW, it’s impossible to be on all of them—and it’s probably not desirable.

So how do you choose whether your unit just has to be on that new site that all the cool kids are hanging out on? Here’s a list of questions we at University Marketing ask ourselves when making those decisions that you might find helpful:

• Who is using the tool? Who might use it?

• What has its growth trajectory been?

• What are the benefits of using the tool?

• What are the drawbacks?

• How does it compare to existing social media tools? What is its unique value proposition?

• How likely is it to be adequately supported/funded by its creators?

• What is required to engage with this tool? (Learning curve, staffing needs, etc.)

• How can we measure whether we’re successful? What metrics are available with this tool?

• How will this tool integrate with existing properties? How will it impact or complement other opportunities/partnerships/properties?