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September 10, 2013

Facebook unwrapped

Tory Hernandez

If I’m using a food analogy, Facebook seems to be the infinitely layered onion of advertising platforms. Once you get through one layer of rules and strategies, they go and add a new layer. Or just redesign the whole onion. Or maybe give you an orange instead.

I won’t begin to explain all the options marketers have in using Facebook to attract an audience, but I can share some links, updates and best practices to get you going in the right direction.

While there are third-party platforms that can assist with managing and reporting on Facebook ad campaigns, we’ve found that these platforms are cost prohibitive for most units on campus. Which means an individual in your department has to spend the time to budget, create and monitor ad campaigns for their own departments.

To that end, here are a few key pages to bookmark to keep you up to speed on what you can do to build an audience and following on Facebook, or promote your events.

  • Learn the basics about Facebook advertising.
  • What does that word mean? Here’s a glossary of Facebook advertising terms.
  • Have a killer post on your page you want to share far and wide? Check out how to use a Promoted Post.
  • And for those who want to keep up on the latest changes and updates, check out the Facebook Newsroom.
  • Here’s some late-breaking news for anyone who wants to conduct a promotion or contest from their Facebook page – updated terms make it easier for admins!

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