Capture Your Lectures with Tegrity

Support for Teaching and Learning

If you use a laptop in your teaching, you can help campus assess Tegrity, a cloud-based lecture-capture service. UW-IT wants to learn more about the instructor (and student) experience of using Tegrity on laptops.

Tegrity lets instructors easily record lectures and other class activities from a laptop or computer. Students can then view (and review) published materials online using a Web browser or mobile device. With Tegrity, it's easy for students to search content, make and share notes, and add bookmarks.

Your Commitment

Participants in the laptop assessment will be asked to provide their own laptops, use Tegrity to record and present course content via their laptop at least once during the Winter quarter, meet with a researcher from UW-IT to talk about their experience using Tegrity, and forward a survey about the Tegrity experience to students. UW-IT will ensure that you have everything you need to make the experience a success.

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