New Teaching with Technology Profile: David Goldstein

David Goldstein has taught at UW Bothell for over 13 years, beginning as a part-time instructor, and now as a senior lecturer. As Director of the Teaching & Learning Center, David helps teachers learn how to design hybrid courses – courses that have a classroom component and an online component. David believes that hybrid courses can be “the best of both worlds, if done well.”

In his undergraduate courses, he finds that technology can help to raise the level of honest discussion. He likes clickers for two reasons. “First, they give me instant feedback, help me know whether students are getting what I’m talking about. But they are most useful when talking about sensitive issues.” Clickers allow David to poll students about their opinions and attitudes, and students can respond anonymously using their clickers. “I use them in classes that include sensitive subject matter, where discussions may touch on subjects of race, religion, sexual orientation.”

“The responses provide a snapshot of who’s in class, and are the starting point for a more honest discussion because you’re able to get a diversity of points of view. It reduces guessing on the part of the student and helps students to know who they’re in class with.” That information provides the basis for greater respect and greater risk taking among students.

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