Catalyst Web Tools Update: WebQ and UW Groups

Catalyst Web Tools are continuously updated to respond to user needs. The latest release includes updates to both WebQ and the groups functionality.

WebQ True/False Question Type

WebQ, the Catalyst Web Tool developed for survey, quiz, and research use has a new multiple-choice question type: True/False. When you select this question type, WebQ generates a true/false answer pair. If you want, you can change the responses to a different type (for example: yes/no or male/female).

Instructions for adding a True/False question can be found in the Add multiple choice question page in the WebQ Help Center.

Save Time with UW Group IDs

Catalyst Web Tools now give you the ability to add UW Group IDs to your group chooser and use them to provide access to Catalyst Web tools. The UW Groups Service makes it easier to define and manage the right groups, and then identify and reuse them in many systems and applications via UW Group ID.

Instructions for using a UW Group can be found in the Your Groups Help Center.

As always, Catalyst Web tool developers welcome your feedback. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us at


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