ASUW WebQ Voting Participation Increases by 32%

Since 2002, the Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUM) has done its voting entirely online using Catalyst WebQ. This year they counted 7633 votes, a 32% increase over the previous high of 5785 in 2010.

Christina Coop, Student Activities Adviser to ASUW, attributed the increase to aggressive campaigning on the part of student candidates and a general increase in student activism:

"Over the last few years, I've observed an uptick in student activism in general, so there may be a broader sociological phenomenon at work too, in that students may be paying more attention to their civic duty and engagement."

The convenience of online voting and proliferation of devices enabling 24/7 internet access likely also played a role in the large turnout. Whatever the cause for the increased voter participation, Christina and the rest of the staff in her office are immensely grateful to no longer have to count paper ballots.

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