Students, submit your comments on the LST Student Technology Fee proposals!

Each year, the Student Technology Fee Committee (STFC) uses the power granted by the Washington State Legislature and Board of Regents at the University of Washington to allocate funds collected through the "techfee" to benefit students across the Seattle campus. Learning & Scholarly Technologies (LST) submitted three proposals to STFC this year:

  • Workstation Finder - the development of a web application giving students the ability to view the availability status of workstations on campus
  • Online Software Access - an expansion of the current pilot program to provide remote access to high-end software applications currently only available in campus labs
  • Hardware/Software Upgrades - the replacement and updating of various hardware and software throughout campus technology spaces
By adding your comments at the bottom of the linked proposal pages, you have a say in how your techfee money is allocated.
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