New Teaching with Technology Profile Published - Jaime Diaz

Neuroscientist and Professor in the UW Psychology Department Jaime Diaz is a big fan of using technology in the classroom.

“The use of technology allows you to make any discussion you want - it breaks that time boundary - and you can make the class smaller, you can make the class richer with the technology.”

Using a combination of Catalyst Tools and other web technologies, Diaz is able to enhance his lectures, extend the classroom, solicit feedback and engage students to think about their own learning goals.

A faculty mentor on technology use, Diaz also encourages teachers to be intelligent in both their choice and use of technology in the classroom.

“I feel strongly about technology enhancing teaching. Of course you can mess up anything, including the blackboard or overhead. If there’s a technology in use with teaching, it can be abused. So you have to do it intelligently so you get the students to learn.”

Read the full Jaime Diaz profile.

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