What's New for CUE - Future of Student Technology Spaces

A recent study on the use of campus computing centers has been released in the report Designing Campus Learning Spaces. The report recommendations for improving student spaces include:

  • Continue to provide general-access workstations and access to high-end software.
  • Minimize obstacles to laptop use by providing more electrical outlets in a variety of study spaces.
  • Provide dedicated spaces for quiet, individual study.
  • Establish or enhance spaces for collaborative work and study.
  • Design mixed-used spaces thoughtfully with environmental cues that reinforce intended space use.
  • Increase access to printing.
  • Consider aesthetics and comfort.
  • Continue to involve students in the design of spaces.

The CUE team has been gathering data from surveys and focus groups to generate further recommendations for how the future of technology space initiatives on campus can best meet student needs. This is an ongoing process and we are always looking for new perspectives. Whether you are a student, faculty member, or UW staff, you can join the technology spaces CUE team to ensure that you hear about all upcoming opportunities to provide your feedback on campus technology spaces. Learn more about the technology spaces CUE team.

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