Catalyst Web Tools for Research Guide Released

A new guide to using Catalyst Web Tools for research activities is now up on the LST Web site.

UW-IT worked with the UW Human Subject Division to determine guidelines for the use of Catalyst Web Tools for research activities. The Human Subjects Office reviewed four of the tools—GoPost, CommonView, Collect It, and ShareSpaces—for use by researchers. These four tools have been recognized by Human Subjects as appropriate for the exchange of anonymous and confidential data among members of a research team, without requiring additional review from Human Subjects for those uses. Other research uses of these tools (such as data collection)  require Human Subjects review, and they have been provided with a source document that will allow them to determine appropriate use on a case-by-case basis.

See online materials for more information about the using Catalyst Web Tools for research activities: Using the Catalyst Web Tools for Research Activities.

UW-IT previously went through a similar process with Human Subjects regarding using WebQ for research surveys. Information about the use of WebQ for research is available at: Using WebQ for Research Surveys.

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