The New Face of Catalyst Web Tools

new account pageNext time you log in to Catalyst Tools, you will notice a big difference. An all new account page will help you find what you need quickly, and focus on what is important to you, whether you are managing a course online, working on a collaborative project, or accessing course materials, resources, or grades.

On the new account page, you can do the following:

  • Create or access tools through the new graphic Web Tools menu
  • Arrange, filter, and sort your tools and course or project workspaces
  • Receive notice of new items or upcoming dates and deadlines, and
  • Complete frequent tasks without leaving the account page

Other recent enhancements include the following:

  • Switching between your personal and shared accounts without logging out
  • Class lists from your personal account available in shared accounts
  • More uniform and intuitive navigation across all tools
  • Student photos visible in GradeBook
  • Adding Google calendars to CommonView workspaces, and
  • Improved QuickPoll pie charts and bar graphs
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