LST Staff Presentation and Publication (and new survey data released)

LST researchers, Dr. Cara Lane and Henry Lyle, presented a virtual paper at this summer’s 2009 ED-MEDIA World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications, which explores supports and obstacles to using technology among faculty, TAs, and students at the UW. The paper was later published in the conference proceedings. The data used for this study were taken from a larger research survey, the 2008 Surveys on Learning and Scholarly Technologies, investigating the use of learning and scholarly technologies at the UW.

As detailed in the EDMEDIA paper, the findings indicate that individuals with technical expertise at the beginner level rely on different sources of supports and encounter different obstacles than do individuals at the expert level. This research demonstrates the importance of recognizing a range of expertise within all populations when assessing and trying to alleviate obstacles related to adopting educational technologies. To coordinate with this presentation and publication, LST is releasing new data from the 2008 Surveys on Learning & Scholarly Technologies. The expertise data tables compare faculty, TA, and students with different expertise levels in regards to the perceived severity of technological obstacles, helpfulness of particular supports, opinions about technology use, and priorities related to educational technologies.


The following materials are now available online:

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