Upgrades to Student Technology Facilities Funded by the Student Technology Fee Committee

With the aid of three generous grants from the Student Technology Fee Committee (STFC), LST spent September break upgrading equipment and software in the Odegaard Undergraduate Library. These enhancements were made in response to the findings of the 2005 and 2008 Surveys on Learning and Scholarly Technologies carried out by LST, where students highlighted improvements to technology facilities as their top priority.
With STFC funds, LST replaced 185 workstations in the Odegaard Undergraduate Library Learning Commons, all of which had become less dependable due to high usage. The replacement computers, 24” iMacs, allow for additional desk space, which means more room for students to work with others and spread out their books and study materials on their workspace. Apple hardware will also reduce energy consumption.

LST also expanded the number of  video-editing workstations from 6 Macs and 6 PCs to 16 of each. The video editing Macs are all brand-new Mac Pro towers with have dual-monitors for increased workspace. The video editing PCs are new Dells, and will expand the number of stations that have Adobe Premiere to 16 total, allowing more students to edit videos while freeing up our HDV/DV decks for those who need to import video.

The DPS and the three Collaboration Studios in Odegaard also received upgraded hardware as well.

Lastly, in partnership with UW Libraries, LST upgraded over 50 Access+ workstations, located on the first floor of the Odegaard Library. These workstations allow students to quickly check email, complete assignments, or print papers on their way to class, without having to enter the LST Computing Commons or a departmental computer lab.

These technology improvements, made possible by STFC, contribute to LST’s goal of responding directly to student needs and of providing a continuously stable and secure computing environment for UW students.

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