GradeBook: Now Faster, Receives Copy & Export to Excel Features

Catalyst GradeBook lets faculty easily record student scores online, track student progress, calculate grades, and publish them online for students to view. Now instructors can export a grade sheet to Excel in order to analyze, print, or archive the gradebook. In addition, GradeBook received performance improvements to make viewing, entering, or publishing student scores speedy regardless of the number of students in a class. Finally, you can now copy a gradebook, including its categories, assignments, and settings, making it a snap to get ready for the next time you teach a course.

On New Year's Eve, we will release functionality that allows you to import grade data from Excel. Additional features such as graphical representation of statistics and integration with WebQ quizzes and Collect It dropboxes are planned for the next several months. Finally, a collaborative effort among UW Technology, the Office of Information Management and the Registrar is underway to enable online submission of class grades for Winter Quarter.

For more information about Catalyst GradeBook.

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