GradeBook Released

Created with the help of software engineers from Computer Science & Engineering and support from the Student Technology Fee Committee, Catalyst GradeBook lets faculty securely post grades so that students can track their progress throughout the quarter. With Catalyst GradeBook, you can easily complete these tasks:

  • Quickly set up a grade book for a class with automatically imported and updated class lists.
  • Students: Know where you stand -- login and view your scores securely online.
  • Easily record scores, track progress, and calculate grades.
  • Collaborate on grading with co-instructors and teaching assistants.

A collaborative effort amongst UW Technology, the Office of Information Management, and the Office of the Registrar is underway to enable online submission of class grades, and we will be adding features such as import/export from Excel, graphical representation of statistics, copying of gradebooks, and integration with WebQ and Collect It over the next several months.

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