Dr. Cara Lane’s Featured Article in EDUCAUSE Quarterly

In 2005 and 2008, the office of Learning & Scholarly Technologies, in collaboration with several campus partners, surveyed UW Faculty, researchers, teaching assistants and students on their use of technologies in the academic environment. LST research scientist, Cara Lane, discusses findings from the 2005 surveys and the planning process for the 2008 surveys in, “Assessing Learning and Scholarly Technologies: Lessons from an Institutional Survey,” the cover article for the current issue of EDUCAUSE Quarterly. Lane focuses on the ways in which educational technology is used on our campus, while simultaneously starting a dialogue about practical methods for conducting research in everyday educational contexts.

As technology changes at a rapid pace, the research team decided to focus the 2008 surveys on current technologies and the context in which those technologies are used, to give “a richer understanding of the complexities of their application.”

To read the article, visit the EDUCAUSE Web site

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