New Catalyst Login System Supports Cross-University Collaboration

It's new! It's free! It's easy! The new Catalyst login system makes it easy to collaborate within the University of Washington community and beyond. With a free ProtectNetwork ID, anyone can participate in your GoPost discussion boards.

The "Catalyst Tools Login" screen now allows you to choose your affiliation. For the time being, your choices are the University of Washington and ProtectNetwork, but in the future other universities will also be included. If you are working with faculty, students, or researchers at other universities and you would like them to be able to login with the ID that they use at their own institution, please let us know. We will contact the technology staff at their institution to facilitate such collaboration.

So far access is available only for GoPost, Catalyst's online discussion board tool, but expanded access to more tools is on the way! Take a brief survey to help us determine the best strategies for providing access to people at other universities or institutions.

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