GoPost (beta) Released

In December, Catalyst released GoPost (beta), our replacement for the old workhorse Catalyst tool, EPost. Though EPost will remain online for a long transition period, you can give GoPost a try right now.

GoPost is a beta release, which means we will continue to refine the design, behavior, and features over the next few months, but the final release of GoPost will retain everything you create in the beta version.

GoPost allows faculty, students, and staff to easily communicate, collaborate, and learn together. From online courses to group projects to simple bulletin boards, GoPost helps people interact effectively and efficiently with many new features:

  • Organize boards into multiple discussion areas
  • Create a profile and include an avatar to represent yourself
  • See who is currently online
  • Create messages with a rich text editor
  • Instantaneous posting and replying
  • Quote messages when replying
  • Edit your own messages
  • Use smileys and emoticons in your posts
  • Assign roles, such as moderator or administrator
  • Allow non-UW accounts access to your board
  • Send email invitations to your board
  • Include files or images with your messages
  • View participation reports

We will provide a detailed transition plan for EPost in the new year. To use GoPost, just click Web Tools Login at the top of the page, log in with your UW NetID, and click GoPost in the menu at the left.

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