Catalyst Account Now Has Participant and Collaborator Tabs

In addition to the items you create yourself, now you can find items you have access to as a participant or collaborator in your Catalyst account page. Your Catalyst account page now provides easier access to Catalyst Web Tools through four tabs: Owner, Collaborator, Participant, and Tagged.

  • The "Owner" tab lists all Catalyst Web Tools that you have created and set up for others to use.
  • The "Collaborator" tab provides access to GoPost discussion boards, WebQ surveys and quizzes, Portfolio projects, and SimpleSite Web sites created by others on which you are an assistant.
  • The "Participant" tab links to the GoPost discussion boards, shared spaces, WebQ surveys and quizzes, and portfolios someone has set up and given you access to with your UW NetID.
  • The "Tagged" tab lets you select any items from the other three tabs and tag them, creating a short list in one location for easy and convenient access.

These enhancements are the first of several account page changes that will wrap the Catalyst Web Tools into a Web-based workspace and serve as a foundation for Catalyst courseware developments.

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