Jumpstart is currently recruiting Jumpstart Corps Members and Team Leaders for the 2018-2019 academic year. You need to do three things to join:

  1. Attend a  Upcoming Jumpstart Information Sessions
  2. Fill out an Online Application
  3. Attend an Interview (you will have a chance to sign up for an interview at an Info Session).

Priority deadline for the Corps Member position is October 15, 2018. This means you must have attended an info session and submitted an online application by this date.

What do Jumpstart Members do?

College students who join Jumpstart work with a small group of preschool children for the entire academic year. Working in small groups allows them to focus on improving children’s language, literacy, and social-emotional skills that are necessary for future success. Jumpstart members work on teams of their peers of about 5-8 people and are supported by a Team Leader. There are five main components of Jumpstart:

  • Training: Members participate in training in order to learn best practices to use in the classroom and engage in about three weeks of pre-service training before the start of sessions, as well as ongoing training designed to meet member and community needs. Learn More about Jumpstart’s approach to early childhood education
  • Session: Sessions occur twice a week for 2 hours per session (4 hours a week). During each session, the Jumpstart team works with the children in the class with a focus on partner children. Sessions are facilitated by the team leader and include the elements of Circle Time, Center Time, Small Group Activity and Small Reading Groups.
  • Classroom Assistance Time (CAT): Classroom Assistance Time is encouraged in order for members to build connections with the children in their classroom.  Members schedule approximately 2 – 6 hours based on their own schedule to provide individual support, assist with classroom activities, and occasionally serve as chaperones on class fieldtrips.
  • Team Planning Meetings: These are held twice a week for 1.5 hours per meeting (3 hours total). Teams schedule these meetings themselves and they are used for reflection, planning, training and team bonding.
  • Family Involvement/Special Events: They are dictated by the interests of the Jumpstart Members and the community. Some examples are Family Involvement meetings, Jumpstart Field Day, our Annual Pageant, Mariner’s Salute to Volunteers game, Team Bonding events and the End of the Year Celebration.


  • Earn $15.45/hour for work-study eligible students
  • Earn a Segal AmeriCorps Educational Award of $1252*
  • Earn academic credit
  • Work closely with other UW students
  • Work in the Seattle community in a high-need preschool
  • Work towards closing the opportunity gap among Seattle’s youngest learners!

*The Segal AmeriCorps Educational Award is contingent upon AmeriCorps funding and is available to those who meet citizenship requirements. Must complete service term of 300 hours.


Time Commitment

Jumpstart Members commit to serving 10-15 hours per week, which includes 4 hours in the classroom and 3 hours to meet with their team.  Classroom Assistance Time (CAT) is additional time that students can serve in the classroom to earn hours and build stronger relationships with the children and classroom staff. Session times remain the same throughout the year. CAT time is scheduled by individual Corps members, but most teams try to do CAT together. Team planning meetings are scheduled by teams every quarter. Additional trainings and Jumpstart Community Building events are held during  Wednesday evenings during each quarter.