View and Change Computer Information

Log into the myNebula pages at using nebula2\yournetid and your Nebula password.  

If you need access to the MyNebula pages send an e-mail to, along with a list of budget numbers, requesting administrative access.

If the budget you need access to is not listed, send a request to with the budget number that needs to be added.


View the computers for which you are either the Primary User or the Managed By (technical) contact by clicking on the "My Nebula Systems" link.

View the list of computers on which you have administrative privileges on the right side of the page, under "My Admin Privs".

Grant or remove myNebula privileges for others by clicking on the desired budget. Use the Delete key to remove access. To grant access, enter both the UW NetID and the budget number in the blank fields. Either hit Enter or click Insert.

View the computers on your budget by clicking on the "Nebula Systems on My Budgets" link. Some of the information can be edited:

    • Computer Name
    • Department
    • Budget (editable)
    • PCA Codes for Task, Option, Project (editable)
    • Inventory Tag
    • Primary user (editable)
    • Technical Contact/Managed by (editable)
    • Warranty End
    • Last User
    • Last Login (by Last User)
    • OS Type
    • Whether system is exempt from IE Upgrades

Import into an Excel Spreadsheet

  1. Open myNebula and click on the link for "Nebula Systems on My Budgets" to display your computers.
  2. Copy the web address
    Hint: click once in the box that shows the 'http' to highlight the address, then either right-click and choose Copy or use Ctrl-C.
  3. Open a new Excel spreadsheet and choose the Data tab.
  4. On the Get External Data tab, choose From Web.
  5. In the New Web Query box, paste the web address in the Address: box.
    Hint: since the default web address is already highlighted, use Ctrl-V to paste and hit Enter.
  6. In the Windows Security window, log in with your Nebula credentials, specifying the Nebula2 domain.
    Hint: same as above: nebula2\yournetid and your Nebula password.
  7. Click Options, then check the box to disable date recognition.
  8. Click the yellow arrow next to the NetBiosName table; it will turn into a green check-mark.
  9. Click Import then OK.
  10. It might take a few seconds but you should see all your information nicely arranged. 

Last modified: August 18, 2014