Low Risk Scenarios

If your workstation requirements are very low-risk, you might considering using a device that is not managed by the Nebula service.   Examples of how Nebula can add value to non-Nebula devices (Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD):

  1. Connect via Remote Desktop to your Nebula desktop for applications and data that should stay on a well-managed system.
  2. Access Nebula drives via the web interface (http://www.washington.edu/itconnect/wares/nebula/connecting-remotely/#web) (Integratum).
  3. Store non-confidential files on U Drive, or use Google Drive on both your Nebula and BYOD devices.
  4. Use the Nebula VPN service to securely connect to campus from off-site locations.
  5. Install the same anti-virus software Nebula uses on your device - it is available from UWare for both UW and personally owned devices.
  6. Use Chrome browser to have access to your Favorites and share the same Chrome Applications between your devices (including Nebula workstations).

Last modified: October 4, 2013