Using NETID Logins in Nebula

There are important advantages to using your UW NetID credentials to log into your Windows 7 Nebula computer:

  • Only one password to remember and manage when logging into Outlook, SharePoint, the EDW data warehouse, or data cube, or any other resources on the NetID domain.

If you've ever logged into a new or newly rebuilt computer, you know that you no longer have your desktop shortcuts or non-Nebula supplied applications because you have a brand new Nebula profile (user account, or set of individualized information).  You'll have the same experience the first time you log in with NETID credentials too, because this login also creates a new profile.

If you: 

  1. Just received a new, or a newly rebuilt, computer, with no previous Nebula information on it:  make your new NETID profile more useful by adding your Favorites to it.  Go here for more information.
  2. Just logged into your existing Nebula computer with your NETID credentials:  you can import many of the user settings from your Nebula profile into your NETID profile.  Go here for more information. 

Last modified: February 10, 2014