Nebula VPN Requires Configuration Change (8/14/2014)

Due to recent changes which disable support for NTLMv1 due to security issues, the Nebula VPN may require some configuration changes in either Windows or Mac users.  If your VPN has stopped working:

If you continue to have problems or need help with the instructions or your Nebula2 password, please email

Nebula Filesystem Web Access is Disabled (8/14/2014)

Due to the same changes with NTLMv1, the Nebula Filesystem Web Access tool has been disabled.  We are evaluating the viability of a replacement service and would appreciate your feedback on your usage.  Thank you. 

New web pages on

Tips on using Exchange Calendar (9/18/2014)

The Cornell University IT Department has provided some tips on using the Exchange Calender effectively:


Last modified: September 19, 2014