Sophos not updating

People who may be installing Sophos from Run Advertised Programs (RAP) in the last couple of weeks may see messages showing that 'updating failed'. If you should see this message, please send us a note to:

Changes in accessing Nebula File Services

Access is now based on eligibility groups managed by each customer. As users are added and removed from eligibility groups, access to Nebula services will be added or removed. If you are unsure or do not know what your eligibility group is, send an email to

If you do not have an UW  eligibility group and need to create one, instructions are on our webpage How do I set up an eligibility group for my department?

 Office 2016

Microsoft has yet to provide the UW volume licensed media. When that has happened, we will have it tested and deployed in Run Advertised Programs (RAP) and advertise its availability for installation ot anyone who wishes to upgrade to Office 2016.

Operating System and Browser Support

Go to the OS and Browser Support page for information on the future of both

Windows 10 Readiness

We now have information on upgrading to Windows 10

Configuring and using the VPN for Windows 10

Nebula service changes (8/3/2015)

We have no drop-in sessions scheduled this month.  If you would like one, let us know what day/time works for you.  These materials have been developed to answer a lot of your questions:

Everything is reachable from here:  View and Manage Nebula Resources


Great information on using UW Groups (7/31/2015)

Check out this page on UW Groups, which answers many of the questions that our customers have been asking.


UW file service comparisons 

If you have been wondering what your options are for file sharing now that the H and I drive usage will become billable service, a cost and file comparison list has been compiled and ready for your viewing. Just click this link to view the following chart to compare the capabilities provided by various UW file services.

We have also included information on the differences between the H:drive and the U:drive. More on this is here


Changing from Nebula2 to NETID login 

The Nebula service has set a goal for its UW-IT customers to stop using their Nebula2 user accounts and switch to using their NETID user accounts before April 2015. This is part of a larger initiative consolidating Windows domains, supports the IM Infrastructure Refresh project, and is a blocker for several other Nebula goals such as splitting off a separate Software Distribution Service.

Any customer can make the switch themselves. Hundreds of other Nebula customers have made the switch to only using a NETID user account, and there is no risk to trying the switch because you can revert back to using the Nebula2 user account. There is helpful documentation to assist customers that want to do this self-service at

Alternatively, Nebula will provide 30 minutes of assistance (at no additional cost beyond the Nebula core fee) to help customers make the switch. We will have dedicated staff available during a specific period for your UW-IT division, but you can also send a request for help at any time to If you believe you are no longer using your Nebula2 user account, you can send a request to disable the account, which will help you ensure you don’t have any hidden lingering dependencies on it.



Last modified: October 21, 2015