UW SharePoint

Service Description

UW SharePoint is a Web application platform that solves customer needs for team collaboration, business process improvement, and Web publishing. The current version of UW SharePoint is SharePoint 2010.

As a platform, UW SharePoint can be used in a number of ways to provide value to those using it. UW SharePoint can help:

  • Improve collaboration capability between individuals, teams, departments, and schools
  • Provide a robust document management, file sharing, and Web publishing platform that is well integrated with existing Microsoft Office applications
  • Improve business processes within departments, schools, and colleges through enhanced business intelligence, customized process workflows, electronic Web-based forms, and controlled records management
  • Reduce the number of emails, email attached documents, and printed materials shared between individuals and teams
  • Provide for an efficient and extensive UW enterprise search platform that can be finely tuned for security, and has the capability to include internal and external Web properties and individual user profiles
  • Support business critical digital-media processing, metadata management, data warehousing applications, and custom business process workflows with a minimum of custom code development

Service Options

Site Collections are groups of sites that are provisioned to a department or group of departments. They have a 5 GB disk quota and are administered by at least one responsible individual who acts as a primary support contact for the collection's users. The quota for a Site Collection can be increased for an additional fee.

MySites are personal sites available to individual users (limited to staff, faculty, and special exception UW NetIDs). These have a 100 MB disk quota.


UW faculty, UW staff

How to Order

Email: help@uw.edu
Phone: 206-221-5000


Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with maintenance windows on Sundays from 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.


Site Collections: New site collections incur a one-time $200 setup fee. The standard fee for ongoing service is $68.70 per month for a 5 GB site. Additional 5 GB storage blocks are available for $68.70 per 5 GB. A valid UW budget is required. Additional license fees may be required.

Hourly Consulting Rate: SharePoint experts are available for $91.71 per hour if any consulting beyond our standard support is desired.

MySites: There is no charge for MySites, which you can get without having a Site Collection.

Price subject to change annually on July 1st.

Service Level Description

There are no current service level agreements in effect relative to the UW SharePoint.

UW Information Technology will attempt to perform any needed regular maintenance on the SharePoint server on Sundays from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Emergency maintenance may be performed at any time. Important business functions such as collaboration, document management, search, Web publishing, file sharing, and custom business workflows developed in SharePoint may be impacted during maintenance periods.

There are failover capabilities on the Web front-end servers, and the SQL database runs on a clustered pair of servers. Standardized backup procedures used for UW Information Technology-managed SQL databases will be followed for SharePoint content.

After a disaster, critical business systems/processes may be impacted by a loss of SharePoint services. Disaster response processes and emergency communications or messaging systems should not rely upon SharePoint.

Additional Information

Support Information

UW SharePoint has a distributed support model.

Tier 1 (End User questions): Individual site users will contact each SharePoint site's owners/administrators for end-user support and training in using the application.

Tier 2 (Site Owner questions): Site owners contact the UW Information Technology Service Center, where their questions will then be escalated as appropriate.

UW Information Technology Service Center
Front Desk: UW Tower C-3000 (4333 Brooklyn Ave. NE)
Online Help Form: uw.edu/itconnect/help
Email: help@uw.edu
Phone: 206-221-5000
Business Hours: uw.edu/itconnect/help

The SharePoint Community Site (sharepoint.washington.edu/community/sharepoint) will host information on training, development, and design resources. A link to the Microsoft-provided SharePoint user training package is provided via this site.

SharePoint site collection owners who have SharePoint 'how to', best practice, and other general questions also can email sharepoint_tech@uw.edu. This list includes all UW SharePoint site owners/admins who are part of the UW SharePoint community.


Last Review Date: 05/03/2015