Guide to UW NetID Weblogin

About UW NetID Weblogin

The UW NetID "weblogin" service helps you log in to UW websites that offer personalized or private information, such as MyUW and Employee Self Service. This guide advises you how to log in and log out of the "weblogin" service in order to better protect your privacy and prevent unauthorized use of your UW NetID. It also catalogs some of the known problems with this service.

A typical log in page from


How to Log In

When the UW NetID "weblogin" service asks you to log in, enter your UW NetID and password. If they successfully match, the "weblogin" service will remember your identity for up to 8 hours. During this time, it will help you to log in to other UW websites without asking you to re-enter your UW NetID and password again and again - so be sure to log out when you are finished browsing.


How Weblogin Works

  1. When a UW website needs to know your identity, it automatically redirects you to the "weblogin" service. The purpose of this trip is to authenticate who you are by requesting your UW NetID and password, which only you should know. Many UW websites use the "weblogin" service in this way.
  2. When you arrive at the "weblogin" service for the first time during a browsing session it displays a login page which asks you to log in with your UW NetID and password. It may ask for a token number too, if a higher level of assurance of your identity is required.
  3. Before entering your UW NetID and password, always verify that the login page comes from the "weblogin" service. The address should be This is the only website address you should trust with your password.
  4. Enter your UW NetID and password as needed and click the "Log in" button. Make sure you enter your UW NetID using all lowercase characters, and do not enter your full UW email address. Your UW NetID is the part of your UW email address to the left of the @ symbol (e.g. "myuwnetid" is the UW NetID in the email address
    • If login succeeds, the "weblogin" service automatically redirects you back to the initial UW website that needed to know your identity. It receives your UW NetID (but not your password) as proof of who you are and now can decide what to do with you.
    • If login fails, make sure your Caps Lock key is off and your Num Lock key is on. Then try again.
  5. The next time a UW website needs to know your identity, the same process unfolds, beginning with another trip to the "weblogin" service. However, this time you may not be asked to log in.
    • Namely, when you are redirected to the "weblogin" service a second or third time or more, it detects that you have already logged in, so you can be re-authenticated without having to enter your UW NetID and password again. This feature is known as "single sign-in" and the "weblogin" service abides by it most of the time. It reduces the number of times you have to log in during a single browsing session and simplifies how to log in to several websites over a short period of time.
    • The standard lifetime for this "single sign-in" period is 8 hours or until you log out, whichever comes first. During this period you may not notice return trips to the "weblogin" service, although, if you watch closely, brief indications may show up in your browser's status bar.
  6. To protect your privacy, remember to completely exit your browser when you are finished browsing. Exiting your browser deletes the "cookies" the "weblogin" service and other UW websites use to remember that you are logged in.

How to Log Out

When you are finished browsing personalized UW websites such as MyUW and WebAlpine, always remember to log out of these sites and the UW NetID "weblogin" service before leaving your computer. To do so, completely exit your Web browser. This is the best way to prevent others from accessing your personal information and visiting websites using your UW NetID as if they were you.

How to Completely Exit Most Common Web Browsers

Microsoft Windows

Internet Explorer
  • Shortcut: CTRL+W
  • Click on the X in the upper right corner of the browser

Closing Windows IE

Google Chrome
  • Shortcut: CTRL+SHIFT+Q
  • Click on the square box with three bars to the right of the search field and select Exit

Windows Chrome Exit

  • Shortcut: ALT+F, X
  • Click on the File menu, select Exit

Windows Firefox Exit


  • Shortcut: Command-Q
  • In the menu at the top of the screen, click on Safari, then select Quit Safari

Apple Safari Quit

Google Chrome
  • Shortcut: Command-Q
  • In the menu at the top of the screen, click on Chrome, then select Quit Google Chrome

Apple Chrome Quit

  • Shortcut: Command-Q
  • In the menu at the top of the screen, click on Firefox, then select Quit Firefox

Apple Firefox Quit

Tablets and Smartphones

Tablets and smartphones are usually personal devices that are seldomly used by more than one person, so the best protection against improper use is to turn on the password lock for the device and set the auto-lock to a short time period, such as five minutes or less.


iPhone Password Lock

Known Problems

Known problems with the UW NetID "weblogin" service are listed below to help you diagnose and solve problems. Please review the list if you encounter problems with the "weblogin" service. If you cannot find a solution or explanation that fits your case, contact us for assistance.

Login Problems

Login Requires Cookies
Your Web browser must be configured to accept cookies to use the "weblogin" service.
TLS Required, SSL not Supported
The "weblogin" service requires that your Web browser uses TLS (Transport Layer Security), the modern replacement for SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). TLS or SSL is used when you connect to a secure Web site with https. Recent versions of all major browsers provide support for TLS. If your web browser isn't configured to use TLS, you will be unable to connect to "weblogin." Depending on the browser, an error message may indicate an "SSL error" or "cypher mismatch," or suggest you turn on TLS support. Some browsers erroneously report "the web page is not available."  Contact us for assistance. 
Weblogin says "Login failed. Please re-enter"
The "weblogin" service says "Login failed" when the UW NetID and password did not match as entered. Make sure you enter your UW NetID using all lowercase characters, and do not enter your full UW email address. Your UW NetID is the part of your UW email address to the left of the @ symbol (e.g. "myuwnetid" is the UW NetID in the email address Also, make sure your Caps Lock key is off and your Num Lock key is on.
"My roommate is logged in automatically!!"
If you try to log in to MyUW or some other personalized UW website and your roommate or someone with whom you share a computer is logged in automatically, he or she may not have remembered to log out or may not know how to log out completely. Please log out for them and then try to log in again. If that doesn't help, check your computer for software that is known to interfere with the logout process. Contact us for assistance.
I want to switch from one UW NetID to another and it won't let me
If I want to switch from being logged in with one UW NetID, such as my personal one, to another UW NetID, such as a shared one I have for a project I am on, the login screen grays out the window with my first UW NetID so I can't change it to the other UW NetID. First, try closing all the windows for your browser and completely exiting it. Then restart it. If that does not work, try clearing the history for your browser, which usually will also remove temporary cookies.
Non-Supported Web Browsers
The "weblogin" service is known to work with recent versions of all major browsers. Other Web browsers may not be compatible.
Problems Uploading Files During Login
The "weblogin" service cannot simultaneously help you log in and upload a file at the same time. It is a limitation that must be worked around by logging in to the website before trying to upload any files.

Browsing Problems

Shortened Domain Names
The "weblogin" service is sensitive to shortened domain names. When you open a website that uses the "weblogin" service, make sure to specify a full unabbreviated domain name. For example, use rather than shortening it to depts.
BACK Button Problems
Many Web browsers have problems backing up over the "weblogin" service to earlier Web pages. Sometimes you can get around this by clicking the BACK button an extra time or two. If that doesn't help, use your browser's Go menu or History button or click and hold the BACK button to choose where you want to go from your current browsing history. (Note: This problem is less common with newer versions of most Web browsers. Consider upgrading your Web browser if you frequently encounter this problem.)
Opening/Bookmarking the "weblogin" Service
You should not go to the "weblogin" service directly. Instead, use the "weblogin" service indirectly, by opening the actual website you want to use as described in how to log in.

Last modified: May 5, 2015