About Sponsored UW NetIDs

Who Is Eligible for a UW NetID?

UW NetIDs are based on an affiliation with the University of Washington. Individuals who are not otherwise eligible for a UW NetID may be sponsored by a current UW faculty or staff member. Please email help@uw.edu or contact the UW Information Technology Service Center at 206-221-5000 with any sponsorship eligibility questions.

Alternatively, if a visitor needs access to UW networks such as for wireless (Wi-Fi) for a limited period of time, visit the Wireless Access for Visitors page to assign a temporary UW NetID.

How Do I Sponsor a UW NetID?

Any current UW faculty or staff member can sponsor individuals for a UW NetID using the online self-service Sponsored UW NetID tool. Once sponsored, the individual becomes eligible to set up a new Personal UW NetID.

Please note: Individuals who already have a UW NetID and any current or former UW student, faculty, or staff member may not use this process to obtain a new UW NetID. Please see "Assign Computing Services" below for information on providing employee-level computing services to non-UW employees.

Sponsor a UW NetID — Any current UW faculty/staff can sponsor individuals for a UW NetID.
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There are three methods for obtaining a Sponsored UW NetID. Each method has an assurance level established that will determine if a sponsored individual is eligible to access confidential data. An individual receives a UW NetID, password, and email forwarding upon completion of the sponsored process. Departments may also assign additional computing services for a monthly fee to anyone who has a UW NetID.

In Person Sponsorship

The "In Person Sponsorship" is a high assurance online process used for affiliates working closely with a UW department who will access UW Medicine or other secure systems. Sponsors meet in person with the individual they wish to sponsor, verify a photo ID of the sponsored individual, and record the identity information found on the individual's photo ID using the online self-service Sponsored UW NetID tool. Registration instructions are provided to the sponsored individual, who receives a UW NetID upon completing the registration process.

Remote Sponsorship

The “Remote Sponsorship” is a high assurance process used for affiliates who are unable to meet in-person with a UW employee but need access to UW Medicine or other secure systems. For this process, the sponsor invites the individual to sign up for a UW NetID. The sponsored individual completes the application, chooses either the postal mail or notary public option, and sends a copy of their photo ID along with the UW NetID Registration form to the UW Information Technology Service Center. Depending upon the option the sponsored individual chose, registration instructions are either mailed or emailed to the individual. This process takes approximately two to three weeks to complete. Use the online self-service Sponsored UW NetID tool to begin the "Remote Sponsorship" high assurance sponsorship process.

Sponsorship With Deferred Identity Verification

The "Sponsorship With Deferred Identity Verification" is a low assurance online process used for affiliates who need to use UW systems that only require a UW NetID and password. Sponsors will need to provide the individual's full name, email address, and sponsorship reason. Instructions to register a Personal UW NetID are emailed to the sponsored individual. Use the online self-service Sponsored UW NetID tool to begin the "Sponsorship With Deferred Identity Verification" low assurance sponsorship process.

How Do I Assign Computing Services?

UW departments can use the online self-service Assign Computing Services tool to assign sponsored individuals computing services for a $20 monthly fee. These services provide UW Email, Web Publishing, Dial-in Internet access and central computing labs access. This online self-service tool also allows a sponsor to update the billing information, and activate or deactivate services.

Rules and Regulations

Washington state laws, policies, and audit practices, as well as federal and state contract-compliance laws to which the UW is subject, require that state resources (e.g., computers and network) be used only for University-related activities. All University policies regarding the appropriate use of state resources and responsible personal conduct apply to the use of its computing and networking resources. In addition, use of computing resources must comply with the restrictions and acceptable practices established specifically for these resources. Guidelines for the appropriate use of UW computing and network resources can be found on UW Information Technology's Appropriate Use page.

Last modified: July 10, 2013